Architecture and design have been interests since my childhood, in Australia.  So much so I remember spending hours drafting floor plans and exterior designs complete with gardens in scrap books as a child.  It might come as no surprise then to learn that I went on to become an Interior Designer. 

I spent a good number of years working in the corporate sector in both retail and wholesale, buying and selling furniture and décor, while spending my free time renovating and selling the houses I purchased along the way.  I have lived in Sydney, London, Los Angeles and now reside full time in Palm Springs where I continue to renovate and garden.

Life is not a dress rehearsal so should be lived to ones own plan as much as possible and that to be happy at home is to be happy in life.  One of the secrets to successful property buying, I believe, is being clear about the needs and the wants list and to be able to see how a property works, or can be made to work, with one’s lifestyle. 

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