Curtis Kiepprien



Throughout my life, I’ve had a passion for helping others and believe that the key to success every day is a positive attitude. Even though I wake up most days knowing it will be filled with unexpected challenges, I thrive on knowing that I have an opportunity that day to overcome whatever hurdles come my way.

I love working with people to reach their Real Estate goals and am rewarded every time I see a client’s happy face as we cross the finish line. I love connecting with my clients and truly understand how important that connection is to a successful partnership. Every client relationship is built on a foundation of trust and a willingness to listen to one another, and that combination of trust, positive energy and teamwork is an essential part of every successful transaction or project.

As a child of military parents, I was blessed with the opportunity to live in numerous places, which taught me the importance of being able to adapt quickly to my surroundings. Most of my childhood was spent in small-town Idaho, but my eagerness to tackle the big city took me from that small town to Seattle, where I graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Marketing.

I knew Real Estate was my passion from a very early age and was “that kid” who begged his parents to take him to open houses every chance he got. I got bit by the bug and never looked back and was a licensed Realtor before I even graduated college. With over 12 years of experience in Real Estate sales in Seattle, I decided to expand my horizons once again with my sights set on Palm Springs. The mid-century architecture pulled me in and I am loving every second of this new adventure!

My heart will always be in Real Estate, and whether I’m assisting my clients with a full remodel and restoring their home to the era, or just helping pick out a coffee table, I love assisting clients and being involved.



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