Buying a Vacation Home

When looking to buy a vacation home for yourself, you will not be the first person one of our seasoned agents has helped make happy.  The main question is usually:  condominium or single family residence?  Our expert agents are astute at helping figure out what scenario fits your needs.


We encourage you to ask yourself what your use of the property will be.  A weekend getaway?  A seasonal getaway?  A family investment?  The answer to amount of use often comes into play with the responsibilities that come with a vacation home and your threshold for the level of responsibility you want.  With a condominium, you get more of a “turn key” property.  A homeowner does not have to worry about major and potentially expensive levels of maintenance such as roofs, structural, swimming pools/spas, exterior painting etc.  Your home owner’s insurance will be less because you are not insuring the entire structure, but you have the added expense of monthly home owner’s association dues.  With a single family residence, you have all the responsibility of the entire property, but you get the advantage of larger private outdoor space for yourself, family, and entertaining.  And, unless you are in a gated community, you won’t have the added monthly expense of the home owner’s association dues.


Reach out to one of our agents at Zapala Meyer California Properties and you will get all the knowledge and experience needed to help you with deciding what is right for you.

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