Buying an Investment Property

Buying an investment property is not uncommon the Coachella Valley.  Between vacationers and those who simply cannot afford to buy a property and need to rent full-time, there is always a strong rental market.  If it a distressed property you are looking to rehabilitate and resell, those opportunities also exist.  In some cases there are opportunities to buy foreclosed or short sale properties whether they need renovations or not.  Many can be a sound good financial decision for resale or for putting into a rental scenario.


If you are interested in an investment property, we can help.  Give us a call to discuss your goals and we can give you some guidance in how to achieve that goal.  Many of our agents own or have owned various kinds of investment properties, so know first hand the ins and outs.  We can help with finding the right property to suite your needs.  If this is a rental property, we can also advise on working with property managers or help with what it takes to manage a rental property yourself.  If it is a rehabilitation project you are looking for, we can advise on what to and not to do to a property that maximizes your return.  When the time comes to sell, we can help in getting you the best price.


We are no strangers to 1031 Exchange transactions, either.  If you are selling an investment property whether in our market or another and want to roll those gains into another property, there are very specific guidelines and timelines that need to be adhered to.  Our knowledge and expertise will make sure the transaction goes as planned so you can continue to build your portfolio.


No matter your need or goals when it comes to your investing in real estate, we understand the unique characteristics of the Palm Springs and valley beyond markets.  We are here to help you make good financial decisions to help either start or build your real estate portfolio.  Give one of our experienced agents a call.