Buying a property in the Palm Springs area

Looking to buy?

No one knows the Valley like the agents at Zapala Meyer California Properties. With over 10 years agents’ experience serving the desert and a combined experience of over 70 years in real estate, we are a team of seasoned professionals.

We have been through rising and falling markets and have the experience you need in any kind of market. Let us find you your next dream home.

Our team will:

  • Create a client portal to provide listings that match your individual criteria.

  • Guide you through the home buying process – from obtaining financing, negotiating, home inspections and all the way to close.

  • Be your local source for any questions about the Coachella Valley, from neighborhoods to restaurants and more.

The Home Buying Process:

The buying process can be overwhelming even for those who have bought or sold properties many times over.  But we can make it make sense.  We know the market, neighborhoods, and people in the business from escrow officers to title representatives to home inspectors and more.  One of our seasoned agents will be sure you understand the whole process to try to help mitigate any surprises along the way.  We prepare buyers for what will be asked of them and to give them an idea of what is needed during a transaction.


(1) First step is always to reach out to a lender to discuss what you can qualify for financially.  We have a list of trusted, seasoned lenders that have made clients happy for many years.  In our experience and comments that come from clients, the lending process is the most trying and taxing part of the deal.  We cannot express enough how much having a good lender will make your transaction so much less painful.


(2) Next, find a property.  We begin with an interview to find out the criteria of your home search.  Your agent will set up a multiple listing search to present properties that are fits for you.  After choosing a property, your agent will discuss with you the strategy of pricing and how best to present an offer.  Negotiations may come after the offer is presented.  Negotiations are a very important part of the process.  Your agent is skilled in working and fine tuning with negotiations.  Now, the deal is made.


(3) In escrow, you will not be handed to various people or others on a “team”.  We pride ourselves on the fact that you have built your relationship with one agent and that agent will be representing you from start to the closing of the transaction.  They will lead you through the process and timing of escrow, keep you abreast of contractual calendar day requirements and be the liaison between you, the escrow officer, title representative, lender, home inspectors etc.  We lead you with each step of the way.  You can trust that our knowledge and experience will work for you like the dozens of clients that came before you.


(4) Finally, the closing.  The final reward.  And we love to be there with you to the finish.  Reach out to one of our agents to team with.  You can trust that our knowledge and experience will work for you like the dozens of clients that came before you.  Referrals are always generously given by past clients.  And we are happy to share if you are interested!